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There has been considerable recent discussion about CC-NC licences being
used for "Open Access" papers by scholarly publishers. I have written a few
blog posts (


) and responded to comments. I have summarised this in

Ross Mounce has summarised this as:
*this mess has caused irreparable damage to the re-usability of the
with which I completely agree. I think it's so serious that it should not
be discussed on my blog but brought here.

It took me by surprise that authorPays "Open Access" seems to be almost
completely CC-NC. (The main open Access publishers such as PLoSONE and BMC
have complete OKD-compliance by using CC-BY). CC-NC places so many
restrictions on re-use that it is almost useless in science.

I believe that the OKFN should take this issue very seriously and with
great urgency. We know that multi-author organizations which start using
CC-NC find it impossible to chnage later without approaching every author
and with scholpub this is out of the question, so the longer this goes on
the worse the problem.

I believe that OKFN should put together a group which draws together
resource material which makes the case against NC and then promotoes this
case to publishers and funders. Any aproaches to funders or publishers
could be done through IsItOpenData.

Peter Murray-Rust
Reader in Molecular Informatics
Unilever Centre, Dep. Of Chemistry
University of Cambridge

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