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Matthew Todd matthew.todd at sydney.edu.au
Tue Dec 13 13:19:48 UTC 2011


Cameron just said: "As an aside, this email exchange is an example of how
we need technology development that can help us summaries and integrated
complicated text corpi. No way I can parse and/or reply to the whole lot
and people are being left off various threads."

Was about to make this exact point. Would anyone like to start a Wiki where
we can state all relevant points with "+" and "-" summaries beneath them,
as a start? Feels like a good time to summarise where we are. This issue is
important for our open source malaria project. I just released, a few
minutes ago, the structure of a novel compound we had tested yesterday
that's about as good as chloroquine for killing the parasite.


The licence is CC-BY, and it's important we clarify that as we go forward,
so this discussion is good timing for us.



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