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Peter Murray-Rust pm286 at cam.ac.uk
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On Tue, Dec 13, 2011 at 1:19 PM, Matthew Todd <matthew.todd at sydney.edu.au>wrote:

> All,
> Cameron just said: "As an aside, this email exchange is an example of how
> we need technology development that can help us summaries and integrated
> complicated text corpi. No way I can parse and/or reply to the whole lot
> and people are being left off various threads."
> I agree.

> Was about to make this exact point. Would anyone like to start a Wiki
> where we can state all relevant points with "+" and "-" summaries beneath
> them, as a start? Feels like a good time to summarise where we are.

It has to be done by human/s. The concepts are too intertwined to allow
normal text processing. There's also sometimes the problem of going too
fast. Some of the suggestions are so broad that that make the discussion
very unstructurable.

For me the essential goal has been achieved - to show the prevalence of
CC-NC and similar in funded APC STM hybrid journal article publication.
Note that ir is VERY important to define the context (as I have just done).
Otherwise the discussion can range to ideas of personal freedom vs
organizations and governments.

We also have to come back to OKF's role. OKF should not duplicate licence
creation organizations. It should help people and organizations to
formulate their policies.

> This issue is important for our open source malaria project. I just
> released, a few minutes ago, the structure of a novel compound we had
> tested yesterday that's about as good as chloroquine for killing the
> parasite.
> https://plus.google.com/114959083191278443851/posts/RfZtD77yRVR
> The licence is CC-BY, and it's important we clarify that as we go forward,
> so this discussion is good timing for us.
First - well done. (It's very different from chloroquine). Maybe discuss
this with you offlist. Note of course that the IP of the publication is
distinct from the IP of the compound or its method of synthesis. (People
often conflate open-access publication with open-access science.

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