[open-science] How CC-BY can become TA

john wilbanks jtw at del-fi.org
Wed Dec 14 19:24:42 UTC 2011

Even the publishers, who have the most sensitivity to this topic, don't 
raise this as a problem. One would imagine if it were a meaningful issue 
in OA, the publishers - who have real economic losses to bear from it - 
would have made it front and center. So I'm not worried about imaginary 
economic losses to authors who currently make no cash anyway.

The place where open articles are archived is the role that can protect 
us in this space. Whether it's dataverse, LOCKSS, or even the Google 
cache, there's any number of non-institutional systems that 
systematically archive articles. And then you've got libraries, which 
are increasingly going to provide this service for their faculty members.

Anyone who pays for a CC BY article is paying a tax for being bad at web 


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