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Thought this might be of interest!

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Greetings, all.

We've been funded, for the last year or so, to study the way that ‘big
science’ projects manage and distribute their data, and to make
recommendations for how they should preserve this into the future.
This has culminated in a report which describes the way this is
managed now (it's rather different from the way it's managed in other
areas), some of the case for data preservation, and an account of the
practicalities and costs of managing data on this scale.

This report is now available in draft, and we welcome all comments. We
are particularly interested in comments on the recommendations that we
make. Are they practical? Should they be more specific? Do they cover
our remit appropriately?

The end of the MRD-GW project is imminent, and the report will be
finalised towards the end of March. If you can get comments to us by,
say, 14 March, we'll be able to incorporate them into the final

The report is located at


Please quote this URL rather than the one it resolves to, as the
document it resolves to may change and not all versions will be
immediately public (it's complicated). At the time of posting, that
document is version 6 of the report.

Do pass on the URL. Thanks for any thoughts.

Best wishes,


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