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The MDTS11 workshop is sponsoring a data challenge. The challenge builds
atop a dataset from Thomson ISI WoS with a focuses on embryology and
embryonic science from 1956 to 2010. We invite you to download the dataset,
explore it, learn something interesting about it, and submit a contribution
about it on the MDRS11 webpage (http://iscpif.fr/MDTS11). The workshop
itself will feature presentations by authors on march 25 as well as a
broader discussion of data issues and science mapping issues.

Until the submission is closed, people are invited to share pre-processing
of the data on the workshop website. Pre-processing and contribution
submission are independent. People don't need to submit to the challenge to
be eligible for the best preprocessing.
*Awards** :*


   400€ for the best pre-processing,

   600€ for the best contribution and first author position for the
   collective paper of the workshop.

The best contributions will be gathered in a collective paper for which
first author will be the winner of the data challenge. The workshop will
hire a reviewer to insure the final rewriting of the paper.
*Important Dates *


   *February 11 **2011 **:* Registration is
   Embryology data set is online, registration is open

   *February 11 **2011 **: *Preprocessing propositions are open Share a
   preprocessing <http://iscpif.fr/mdts11newpreproc> | view the list of
   propositions <http://iscpif.fr/mdtsppplist>

   *March 22 2001 : *Collaborative working session to first draft the
   collective paper

   *March 2*3* 2011 :* Deadline for challenge submission
   - *March 25 2011 :* Data challenge presentation and award

Tam-Kien Duong - tk at deveha.com

  tamkien.duong at ehess.fr


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