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I have had the following calls (maybe people have seen it already?)

PMR ... This seems very much in OKF's area. Is there anyone intersted in
leading this? Else might it be useful to advertise OKF's role as a potential
partner? There is a scheme (CORDIS) which allows potential collaborators to
advertise themselves. I could see the OKF as being attractive as part of a


       In the context of the 7th Framework Programme calls for proposals
published today, the two topics reproduced below may be of specific interest
(on the calls published, see also the following press release:

       Kind regards,

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       ENV.2012.6.5-3 Exploring opportunities for open access to primary
environmental data - FP7-ENV-2012-one-stage

       Deadline: 20 October 2011 at 17.00.00, Brussels local time

       Numerous EU funded projects have collected large amounts of data on
environmental issues. However, these mostly publicly funded data are not
always readily accessible to other researchers or to policy makers or
businesses. The Innovation Union addresses the general issue of open access
not only to publicly funded peer reviewed scientific publications launched
earlier under FP7 but also to primary data. This would enhance transparency,
credibility and efficiency of research and promote the use of data and
results for policy or business purposes. The aim of this study is to explore
in a comparative manner across environmental science disciplines the main
barriers and opportunities related to open access (free of charge online
access) to primary environmental data, notably from EU-funded projects but
also taking into account national and local data. Carried out in association
       European environmental research information facilities and networks,
the study should identify and document the difficulties and benefits
scientists are facing in sharing, accessing and subsequently using 'open'
primary data. The quantitative and qualitative analysis of the root causes
for existing barriers, whether behavioural, political, legal, technical or
other, should translate into an action plan of concrete future remedies, in
accordance with the provisions laid down in the INSPIRE Directive and in the
SEIS initiative. The work should be based on experience and results from
earlier EU-funded projects relevant to this issue and interact with ongoing
projects on or providing experiences with open access under the FP7
Cooperation Specific Programme.

       Funding scheme: Coordination and Support Action (supporting action)

       The requested European Union contribution per project shall not
exceed EUR 1 000 000

       Up to one proposal can be selected.

       Expected impact: Increased use of EU funded environmental results
through a solid basis for future measures in support of open access to data
in the field of environmental research.

       Further information:


       SiS.2012.1.3.3-1: Scientific data: open access, dissemination,
preservation and use

       Deadline: 22 February 2012 at 17:00:00 (Brussels local time)

       Topic description:
       As an environment designed to be conducive to technological, economic
and societal progress, the European Research Area must support seamless and
transparent access to, use and re-use of, and trust in scientific8 data. In
order to favour the development of this type of environment, policies
addressing the complex area of scientific data are required. Based on the
approach that "publicly funded research data should in principle be
accessible to all"9 and that "access to and dissemination of scientific
information […] are crucial for the development of the European Research
Area"10, the present topic calls for co-ordination and support actions that
move forward policy development in the area of scientific data. Proposals
       should address open access11 to and dissemination of scientific data,
and ideally preservation and curation of scientific data and/or use and
re-use of scientific data (including intellectual property issues).

       This topic calls for proposals bringing together actors concerned
with the broader area of "open data". It aims to enable the exploration and
analysis of the relevant scientific ecosystems and legal/ethical contexts
with a view to developing an international, comprehensive framework for a
collaborative data infrastructure. Proposed actions should aim at
co-ordinating policy, research and/or dissemination activities. For example,
they may
       include the exchange and dissemination of good practices, or the
definition, organisation and management of joint or common policy

       The following actions are particularly welcome:
       - actions using a comparative approach (e.g. cross-national,
       - actions aiming at creating networks of one type of not-for-profit
actor or structure (e.g. funding bodies, libraries, repositories,
universities) from different EU Member States, Associated Countries or other
third countries that are interested in exchanging good practices and
exploring common policy development;
       - actions proposed by consortia representing different stakeholders
(e.g. national research funding bodies, libraries, repositories,
universities, publishers, industry users of publications).

       Where appropriate, financial aspects of continuation of activities or
structures after expiration of the grant agreement must be addressed.

       Expected impact: Support to the Commission's policies on open access
to scientific data; network-building among concerned stakeholders at the
European and international levels with a view to supporting the development
of joint or common policy agendas and activities in the area of scientific

       8 The term "scientific" refers to all fields of basic and applied
research, including social sciences and the humanities.
       9 Communication from the Commission to the European Parliament, the
Council and the European Economic and Social Committee on "scientific
information in the digital age: access, dissemination and preservation" of
14 February 2007, COM(56) 2007.
       10 Council Conclusions, 2832nd Competitiveness, 22 and 23 November
       11 For this topic, the term "Open access" means free of charge access
over the internet.

       Further information:


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Peter Murray-Rust
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