[open-science] How should we publish survey/tabular data? A Panton Paper?

Frey J.G. J.G.Frey at soton.ac.uk
Sat Jul 16 21:42:37 UTC 2011

How about an automated check data (file) format service? Difficult but useful!? Just for the very simple data vs image etc
Jeremy Frey

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On 16 Jul 2011, at 22:33, "Peter Murray-Rust" <pm286 at cam.ac.uk<mailto:pm286 at cam.ac.uk>> wrote:

I have just written a blog post critical of a paper in PLoSONE
    <http://blogs.ch.cam.ac.uk/pmr/2011/07/16/how-to-share-data-and-how-not-to/> http://blogs.ch.cam.ac.uk/pmr/2011/07/16/how-to-share-data-and-how-not-to/
you'll understand when you've read it (only takes half a minute). It's presenting survey data as TIFFs (argh!)

It makes me think we should think about a Panton Paper on how to publish SIMPLE data. Some simple points for authors, editors and reviewers to be aware of. Nothing comprehensive. But since there are so many publications of tables, can we at least get these fairly standardized.


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