[open-science] Follow up Linked Open Drug Data hack session notes

Jenny Molloy jcmcoppice12 at gmail.com
Sun Mar 20 12:04:48 UTC 2011

Dear All

The Linked Open Drug Data follow up hack session on Wednesday resulted in
three new IsItOpenData? requests, which you can view below:

WHO Global Health Observatory:
RxNorm at US National Library of Medicine (NLM):
DailyMed at NLM:

We look forward to the responses to these requests, and to clarifying their

One of the aims of the hack sessions is to involve people from specific
subject areas or interest groups who are not regular working group members,
therefore the original session  raised the need for a guide for people who
are not familiar with CKAN, IsItOpenData? or OKF definitions on openness.
I've put together the guide below with step by step instructions for running
and taking part in a similar hack session:

It is very detailed, as it's aimed at people who may never have visited the
relevant websites before. Please add anything I've missed and your own hints
and tips!

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