[open-science] introduction: Ulrich Herb

Ulrich Herb u.herb at scinoptica.com
Tue May 31 15:13:48 UTC 2011

Dear colleagues,

for about ten years I am active in the open access area, beginning in 
the  year 2001 when I started to work as an open access delegate at my
  university. Even though I am still working as the  open access manager 
at saarland university (Germany), I am doing a lot of  other things 
today: I am working as a science consultant and science journalist and I 
am holding a lectureship for information science in Chur (Switzerland). 
Additionally I am editing a book about several open initiatives (open 
access, open data, open collectivity, ...) and I am trying to push 
Google Germany forward to establish an open science working group within 
the google collaboratory initiative  (http://collaboratory.de/). I am 
also active in the context of alternative (open) impact metrics to 
measure scientific production.

I am very glad that OKFN allows me to be a member of this group and to 
discuss Open Science issues and projects with you!

Best regards

Ulrich Herb

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