[open-science] Citizen Cyberscience Hackday

Jenny Molloy jenny.molloy at okfn.org
Fri Feb 10 12:30:38 UTC 2012

Hi All

If anyone can make it to London on Saturday 18th Feb the Citizen
Cyberscience Summit is hosting a hackday
http://cybersciencesummit.org/35-2/the-hackday/ featuring multiple
challenges http://cybersciencesummit.org/challenges/ including one focused
around PyBOSSA which was developed by OKFN folk:

Create your own volunteer thinking project with PyBossa
Develop volunteer thinking projects based on the new open source PyBossa
platform that the Citizen Cyberscience Centre has developed with the Open
Knowledge Foundation.Do you have a project where you need human
collaboration? Humans are very capable of reading handwritting, identifying
objects in pictures, doing transcriptions, thinking in 3D, collaborating,
etc. For instance, if we ask a person if he can see a human in a photo it
will be easy to answer, but it could be complicated for an algorithm.

Another suggested challenge encourages non-coders to add information on
citizen cyberscience projects to Data Hub so strong OKFN involvement would
be fantastic to see!

"How many citizen cyberscientists are there in the world?"* *
Participants in this challenge will  hunt down and enter relevant data
about the numbers of citizen cyberscientists participating in various
projects, in an effort to quantify the level of citizen cyberscience
worldwide. Data will be stored and visualized using OKFN's DataHub. The
core challenge of gathering and entering data is suitable for participants
who are not major league hackers. For participants with relevant software
skills, the work can extend to developing ways of automating data
collection from sites that publish citizen cyberscience stats regularly (eg

Do you have ideas for further challenges? Send them to the list and we'll
forward them to the summit team.

You can register for the hackday and the rest of what looks set to be a
fantastic event here: http://cybersciencesummit.org/register-2/ - drop me a
line if you're going and especially if you have experience with
CKAN/DataHub and would be willing to assist with the challenges!

Best wishes

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