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On 14 February 2012 14:01, Lucas Ferreira Mation <lucasmation at gmail.com> wrote:
> Dear all,
> as I said in the other email tread I have a "challenge" for the hackday.
> Using PyBossa to create a Table-Transcription platoform for extracting data
> from tables in scanned pages. This would be a general platform, but one use
> is to extract historical data on demography, heath and crime in XIX Brazil.

We're on it :-)

> We already worked a little bit on the Berlin-hackfest last year, and also
> there has been some development in Brasil. Using all that it is possible
> that a working solution could emerge from the hackday.

My big plan is to work to upgrade data digitizer to be a proper table
transcription system.

Can I suggest you boot an issue on the issue tracker where we can
discuss and plan this work:



> I saw in the program that the hackdays start friday the 17th in the aftenoo,
> is that correct? If so I could participate remotelly in the hackday.
> In any case, let me know if there is interest in developing this in the
> HackFest.
> regards
> Lucas
> On Fri, Feb 10, 2012 at 10:30 AM, Jenny Molloy <jenny.molloy at okfn.org>
> wrote:
>> Hi All
>> If anyone can make it to London on Saturday 18th Feb the Citizen
>> Cyberscience Summit is hosting a hackday
>> http://cybersciencesummit.org/35-2/the-hackday/ featuring multiple
>> challenges http://cybersciencesummit.org/challenges/ including one focused
>> around PyBOSSA which was developed by OKFN folk:
>> ---------------
>> Create your own volunteer thinking project with
>> PyBossa http://cybersciencesummit.org/portfolio/create-your-own-volunteer-thinking-project-with-pybossa/
>> Develop volunteer thinking projects based on the new open source PyBossa
>> platform that the Citizen Cyberscience Centre has developed with the Open
>> Knowledge Foundation.Do you have a project where you need human
>> collaboration? Humans are very capable of reading handwritting, identifying
>> objects in pictures, doing transcriptions, thinking in 3D, collaborating,
>> etc. For instance, if we ask a person if he can see a human in a photo it
>> will be easy to answer, but it could be complicated for an algorithm.
>> ________
>> Another suggested challenge encourages non-coders to add information on
>> citizen cyberscience projects to Data Hub so strong OKFN involvement would
>> be fantastic to see!
>> "How many citizen cyberscientists are there in the world?"
>> Participants in this challenge will  hunt down and enter relevant data
>> about the numbers of citizen cyberscientists participating in various
>> projects, in an effort to quantify the level of citizen cyberscience
>> worldwide. Data will be stored and visualized using OKFN's DataHub. The
>> core challenge of gathering and entering data is suitable for participants
>> who are not major league hackers. For participants with relevant software
>> skills, the work can extend to developing ways of automating data collection
>> from sites that publish citizen cyberscience stats regularly (eg
>> BOINCstats).
>> ------------
>> Do you have ideas for further challenges? Send them to the list and we'll
>> forward them to the summit team.
>> You can register for the hackday and the rest of what looks set to be a
>> fantastic event here: http://cybersciencesummit.org/register-2/ - drop me a
>> line if you're going and especially if you have experience with CKAN/DataHub
>> and would be willing to assist with the challenges!
>> Best wishes
>> Jenny
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