[open-science] Moving forward with Open Research Reports

Jenny Molloy jenny.molloy at okfn.org
Wed Jan 18 12:32:04 UTC 2012

Hi All

After a succesful hackathon in December (more here
http://wiki.okfn.org/Working_Groups/Science/swat4ls_hackathon/ORR) we're
looking to move forward with the Open Research Reports project to create a
resource for disease information using open bibliographic metadata and
semantic technologies.

We are looking at a project that can be usefully done with the UKPMC Open
subset and taking the following diseases as a starting point:
- Cancer (Leiomyosarcoma [*LMS*])
- Malaria

The tasks that were completed at the hackathon included:

   - List of publications relating to LMS from ACOR [Gilles Frydman]
   - Integrate MIIDI output with open metadata [Mark MacGillivray and Tanya
   - Plan visualisations/UI for ORRs [Jenny Molloy and Graham Steel]

Peter and Mark are curently hacking for Open Biblio and will take a
snapshot of malaria publications in Open UKPMC, put that into Open Bib and
build a Bibserver so we have a solid reference collection to work from.
David Shotton and Tanya Grey are continuing work on the Minimal Information
standard for reporting an Infectious Disease Investigation to create useful
and machine readable summaries of closed disease research.

So how can you get involved?
- Reply to this email to suggest what features you would find useful in an
online resource for open disease research e.g. specific search functions
- Offer help with the technical development of the project
- Offer to advise on the needs of certain user communities e.g.
researchers, patient groups
- Offer to host a meeting or hackathon

For those that can make it, we'll be discussing more at the working group
meeting next week, but feel free to add ideas to this email thread also!
When: Wednesday 25 January at 17:30 UTC/GMT
Location: Etherpad http://okfnpad.org/sciencewg-25Jan2012 and Skype (add
your Skype ID to the Etherpad and I'll bring you into the conference call)

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