[open-science] Big news: Alpha Launch of PyBossa, the open-source micro-tasking platform

Sam Leon sam.leon at okfn.org
Fri Jun 8 12:32:48 UTC 2012

Dear OKFNers,

Please check out:


We've just launched the alpha version of PyBossa, a crowd-sourcing and
micro-taking platform developed in collaboration with the Citizen
Cyberscience Center <http://www.citizencyberscience.net/>.

In a nut-shell, PyBossa is a *free*, *open-source* *crowd-sourcing*
and *micro-tasking
platform*. It enables people to create and run projects that utilise online
assistance in performing tasks that require human cognition such as image
classification, transcription, geocoding and more. PyBossa is there to help
*researchers*, *civic hackers* and *developers* to create projects where
anyone around the world with some time, interest and an internet connection
can contribute.

The demo projects we currently have focus on real world applications of the
platform for use in medical diagnosis and geocoding the location of green
spaces in cities.

Looking forward to hearing what everyone thinks of it, so go and try out
the demo projects!


Sam Leon
Community Coordinator
Open Knowledge Foundation
Twitter: @noeL_maS
Skype: samedleon
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