[open-science] PyBossa meets CKAN projects

Daniel Lombraña González teleyinex at gmail.com
Mon Apr 15 13:00:58 UTC 2013

Dear all,

Today we have released a new feature for PyBossa that some of you may find
it interesting: *PyBossa can now export your app data to a CKAN server!!!*.

As some of you may know, OKF develops the awesome tool CKAN for data
management that makes data *accessible* – by providing tools to streamline *
publishing*, sharing, *finding* and *using* data. CKAN is aimed at data
publishers (national and regional governments, companies and organizations)
wanting to make their data open and available.

Therefore it seemed like a perfect match since the beginning :-) Moreover,
we wanted to give the app owners the power of getting their data cited, so
when you export the data, you can then choose which licenses do you want to
use for the data, how people should use the data, etc. etc.

If you are running your own PyBossa server you can configure which CKAN
server you want to support: you can, if you want, set up your own CKAN
server for hosting the data that your PyBossa applications are generating
thanks to the crowd!

The documentation has not been yet updated, we were so excited about the
new feature that we wanted to release it asap, but it will be along the

All the best,


PS: Official Tweet https://twitter.com/PyBossa/status/323773034274099200
Por favor, NO utilice formatos de archivo propietarios para el
intercambio de documentos, como DOC y XLS, sino PDF, HTML, RTF, TXT, CSV
o cualquier otro que no obligue a utilizar un programa de un
fabricante concreto para tratar la información contenida en él.
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