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> Hi all,
Greetings and welcome

> I've been following the list for a few weeks now, but only just got around
> to introducing myself. Having been a postdoc for a few years in the UK and
> Germany (working on various kinds of biophysical instrumentation), I've
> recently joined MDPI, an open access publisher in Basel, as an editor.
> [Copying open-access list]

MDPI is a BOAI-compliant publishers and one of the relatively few such
which publish chemistry. As a result I am using their content for
content-mining (#ami2).

 Up until 2008 they used the CC-NC licence. I wrote to them (and some other
publishers) pointing out the downside of CC-NC.

*Up to 2008 most articles published by MDPI contained the note "© year by
MDPI (http://www.mdpi.org). Reproduction is permitted for noncommercial
purposes". During 2008 MDPI journals started to publish articles under
the Creative
Commons Attribution License
external link]. However, all articles published by MDPI before and during
2008 should be considered as released under the same Creative Commons
Attribution License since 2008.*

So it's worth writing to CC-NC publishers - many of whom are not aware of
the downsides. Of course some of the others use CC-NC as a way of
restricting redistribution to try to protect their markets. But we should
still write.

Peter Murray-Rust
Reader in Molecular Informatics
Unilever Centre, Dep. Of Chemistry
University of Cambridge
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