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The Politics of Open Science
Alessandro Delfanti
Paperback | 9780745332802 | £19.99 / $32
Hardback | 9780745332819 | £65 / $99
Kindle | 9781849649087 | £19.99 / $32
EPUB | 9781849649070 | £19.99 / $32
PDF | 9781849649063 | £60 / $90

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Praise for BIOHACKERS:

'Alessandro Delfanti provides the definitive account of biohackers, a
motley cohort of scientists, entrepreneurs, and amateur tinkers who are
insisting on openness for their scientific enterprise. Written with nuance
and precision, Delfanti examines key actors who drew inspiration from
long-standing scientific norms and the philosophy of free software in order
to re-imagine and reconstitute their ethos so as to be built upon openness
and access. Delfanti's engrossing account provides a vital road map
essential to understand the past, present, and future of biohacking.' –
Gabriella Coleman, McGill University and author of 'Coding Freedom: The
Aesthetics and the Ethics of Hacking' (2012)

'Alessandro Delfanti’s book is a deft and accessible introduction to the
changing face of science in the new century. He brings a journalist’s
skill, a scientist’s skepticism and an activist’s passion to the question
of open science today. The work offers an expert analysis of the global
politics of big science and the details and pleasures, the successes and
failures, of small-scale amateur and DIY biology. From the lucid writing
emerges the story of a new ethic of sharing and decoding life - whether
viewed under the microscope or lived out in hackerspaces and garage labs.'
– Christopher Kelty, Associate Professor of Information Studies and
Anthropology, Institute for Society and Genetics, UCLA

'The biohackers are here. In this fascinating book, Alessandro Delfanti
shows us how a new generation of scientists is breaking open the study of
biology with the kinds of countercultural tools first used to hack the
computer. Thanks to their work, science may never be the same again.' –
Fred Turner, Associate Professor of Communication, Stanford University


BIOHACKERS explores fundamental changes occuring in the circulation and
ownership of scientific information. Alessandro Delfanti argues that the
combination of the ethos of 20th century science, the hacker movement and
the free software movement is producing an open science culture which
redefines the relationship between researchers, scientific institutions and
commercial companies.

BIOHACKERS looks at the emergence of the citizen biology community
‘DIYbio’, the shift to open access by the American biologist Craig Venter
and the rebellion of the Italian virologist Ilaria Capua against WHO
data-sharing policies.

Delfanti argues that these biologists and many others are involved in a
transformation of both life sciences and information systems, using open
access tools and claiming independence from both academic and corporate


ALESSANDRO DELFANTI teaches New Media at the University of Milan.



1. Cracking Codes, Remixing Cultures
2. Forbidden, Public, Enclosed, Open Science
3. Hackers, Rebels and Profiteers
4. Sailing and Sequencing the Genome Seas
5. Just Another Rebel Scientist
6. We are the Biohackers
7. Conclusions: How to Hack Biology




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