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Jenny Molloy jenny.molloy at okfn.org
Mon Jun 17 16:04:18 UTC 2013

Hi All

The open science working group decided we would like an community events
calendar to which anyone could add open science related events by any group
(probably with one click moderation to avoid spam and off-topic additions
but we want management to be as simple as possible).

Ideally this would populate a simple spreadsheet so the data could be
represented in different ways using people's tool of choice e.g. maps,
calendars, timelines etc without too much technical knowledge.

Stefan Kasberger started looking into this during a recent session to
update the working group website, our current plan was a google
form->spreadsheet->calendar set up as per this blog post

However, people may have better ideas or know of an existing system. We
looked but couldn't find anything that was easily embedded in a website and
didn't require being added to the calendar to post events.

Any comments or offers of assistance to build this would be very much
appreciated as other working groups might also be interested in a similar
tool, particularly if, as is the case for open science, there is a growing
collection of OKF and non-OKF groups running events in many locations and
currently no central place to keep track of them all.

I have added this to the OKF Ideas board if you'd like to comment on there
or add yourself to the card.

Thanks very much!

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