[open-science] Open Science and OKF at the White House this week

Daniel Mietchen daniel.mietchen at googlemail.com
Wed Jun 19 01:09:00 UTC 2013

Hi Brian,

I guess that event is a good chance to get in touch with some
interesting people - either because they have opened up their
workflows or because they did not yet. I shall be interested in what
comes out of it.



On Wed, Jun 19, 2013 at 1:50 AM, Brian Glanz
<brian.glanz at opensciencefederation.org> wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> Along with at least a couple other people on this list, I have been invited
> to the White House for the Champions of Change in Open Science event this
> Thursday,
> <http://www.whitehouse.gov/blog/2013/05/07/seeking-outstanding-open-science-champions-change>.
> I was invited to represent the Open Science Federation but will of course
> have on my OKF lapel pin -- well if they existed, then I would wear one!
> Will anyone else be there who is officially from or affiliated with OKF?
> Granted this is a decidedly American event, and small because few in a
> massive country can be invited, I thought maybe, per the recent data.gov
> CKAN deployment and other Washington, DC - OKF connections.
> In my conversations there -- I don't expect to give any remarks -- I want to
> underline the contributions of this working group, of OKF and connections
> between Open Science and other areas of Open Knowledge, and finally the
> importance of the international Open Science community. This is somewhat
> contrary the recognition of individual Americans for their achievements, but
> I've been called worse than contrarian.
> Tea leaves indicate WH awards are understandably political, e.g. likely to
> focus on US federal grant recipients and not likely to represent the breadth
> of the Open Science community, even in America. That's not a complaint of
> course; it's their award! I will try to be grateful and also not kick anyone
> in the shins too hard over being less than open as OKF, and I define it.
> I should restate my own OKF affiliations. The Advisory for this Open Science
> Working Group has not taken many meetings, but I was and am happy to
> volunteer for that. My general volunteerism with OKF extends back roughly
> five years, and has included bits and pieces like improvements to the OKF
> network of WordPress sites. We in the Open Science Federation share access
> to our accounts, such as @openscience on Twitter, with people who are also
> active with OKF, and our circles overlap significantly with this list.
> Here in the States, I am also active in open government and have often
> introduced OKF code and projects at hackdays, and have co-organized OKF
> meetups. Finally and more substantively, I recently began a stronger tie to
> OKF by co-founding a local group in the US, which we started in earnest only
> in later 2012. We are not only focused on Open Science, of course, but here
> for example is a comment I left recently at PLOS on our support of the OKF
> meetup they hosted
> http://blogs.plos.org/tech/recipe-for-a-good-event/#comment-341.
> We are a registered nonprofit organization of which I am the president, not
> because I think that's representative of our cooperative efforts but because
> legally, someone needs to be. We are currently pursuing formal chapter
> status with OKF, but are not OKF's only American representatives. There are
> a couple American OKF staff, a new Ambassador in Texas, and we hope for more
> of that in addition to the national chapter.
> Our first office is in Seattle, where later today a group of us will be
> hacking at http://us.okfn.org to better represent our projects, and we're
> also active at https://twitter.com/okfnus. BG
> --
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