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For those who can get to Cambridge tomorrow

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*Information storage in DNA*
*Nick Goldman (EBI)*
Friday 22nd, November (TOMORROW!)  @ 18:00
Seminar Room, Wolfson College Cambridge

What's the link between the Shakespeare sonnets, Martin Luther King's
anti-racism address and the Watson & Crick paper describing the structure
of DNA? Well, they've all been translated and stored as DNA, taking less
space than the dot at the end of this sentence. Amazing, isn't it? Nick
Goldman, from the European Bioinformatics Institute, will tell us more
about it. Here<http://www.economist.com/news/science-and-technology/21570671-archives-could-last-thousands-years-when-stored-dna-instead-magnetic>is
a highlight of his work that has reached relevance well beyond
scientific journals. He is a great and very approachable speaker

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