[open-science] Force11 Data Citation Synthesis Group: Draft Declaration of Data Citation Principles

Jenny Molloy jenny.molloy at okfn.org
Mon Nov 25 21:49:27 UTC 2013

Hi All

Apologies to those who are already on force11 and data publication mailing
lists, but I thought I would flag the publication of these principles to
anyone on this list who isn't and encourage you to comment on them.

We frequently cite a lack of incentive and formal credit for publishing
datasets as a reason why data publication doesn't happen often enough, so
it seems this in an important discussion to be having as a community of
data producers, consumer and re-users.


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The Data Citation Synthesis Group http://www.force11.org/node/4381 has
released a draft Declaration of Data Citation Principles
http://www.force11.org/datacitation and invites comment.

Although this has been announced already here, I wanted to make three
further points:

1) This has been a very interesting and positive collaborative process and
has involved a number of groups and committed individuals. Encouraging the
practice of data citation, it seems to me, is one of the key steps towards
giving research data its proper place in the literature.

As the preamble to the draft principles states:

Sound, reproducible scholarship rests upon a foundation of robust,
accessible data. For this to be so in practice as well as theory, data must
be accorded due importance in the practice of scholarship and in the
enduring scholarly record. In other words, data should be considered
legitimate, citable products of research. Data citation, like the citation
of other evidence and sources, is good research practice.

In support of this assertion, and to encourage good practice, we offer a
set of guiding principles for data citation.

2) Please do comment on these principles. We hope that with community
feedback and support, a finalised set of principles can be widely endorsed
and adopted.

*Discussion on a variety of lists is welcome, of course. However, if you
want the Synthesis Group to take full account of your views, please be sure
to post your comments on the discussion
forum http://www.force11.org/datacitation

3) I wanted to add here some notes and observations on the genesis of these
principles, which I have done on the CODATA blog:
I hope this background may be of interest.

Best wishes,

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