[open-science] OKF at Open Repositories 2014

Jenny Molloy jenny.molloy at okfn.org
Thu Dec 5 00:17:34 UTC 2013

Dear All

OKF have been invited to participate in Open Repositories 2014 in Helsinki,
Finland, 9-13 June 2014.

Are any of you already planning to attend and/or might be interested in
running a workshop?

The initial idea is a workshop looking at CKAN as a research data
repository but many of the themes fit with interests of working group
members so do feel free to suggest alternative topics or volunteer for this
one! Per the website http://or2014.helsinki.fi/?page_id=281, the conference
organisers are particularly interested in:

   - Unconventional approaches to repository-like services
   - Interconnection between publishers and repositories
   - Researcher-centered design for scholarly workflows
   - Adaptations to support curation lifecycle management, e.g., for
   research data
   - Real-world scalability and performance stories: working at web-scale,
   with big data for global usage
   - Requirements for holding restricted or classified data in repositories
   - Infrastructure to accommodate national and international mandates for
   data management and open access
   - Positioning repositories closer to (local, consortial, or cloud-based)
   cyberinfrastructure for data processing
   - Leveraging connections to external services including:
      - Remote identifier services (e.g., DOI, ORCID)
      - (Re-)using repository data/metadata in new and unexpected ways,
      including integrated discovery
      - Scholarly social media services, such as for annotation, review,
      comment, reputation, citation, and altmetrics
      - CRIS and research management systems
      - Digital preservation tools, services & infrastructure
   - Community and sustainability in an open world

What are your thoughts?

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