[open-science] First copy costs of scientific articles - a short overview

Ulrich Herb u.herb at scinoptica.com
Fri Apr 25 15:24:31 UTC 2014

> That's roughly what I thought it was. I'd leave out author costs because
> they could be very variable and very large and overlap with the research.

You are right. But as non of the studies I explored mentioned any, it is 
not that crucial for the content of the table or the markdown file so far.

>  >>  closed access articles, salaries for non-authors,
> I don't understand this - it should be independent of closed/open.

see below.

> There *are* additional costs for closed, such as firewall maintenance,
> layers, writing DRM, etc but they shouldn't be included.

Absolutely! I summarized these points under authentication, but perhaps 
it does not exactly express what I wanted to say: Expenses for locking 
humans and machines out. That's what I meant with "costs for 
authentication in the case of closed access articles", the costs for 
maintaining a closed access infrastructure.



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