[open-science] H2020 Open Access Guideline:

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Fri Jan 31 02:55:28 UTC 2014


i've made some short research about the H2020 Open Access mandate, and
unfortunately all I found was not satisfying. as read in this document
the framework defines open access only in access, not in rights to use.

page 6:
"In order to comply with this requirement, beneficiaries must,at the
very least, ensure that their publications, if any,can be read online,
downloaded and printed. However, as any additional rights such as the
right to copy, distribute, search, link, crawl, and mine increase the
utility of the accessible publication, beneficiaries should make every
effort to provide for as many of them as possible."

do I get something wrong, or was the open access thing all the time not
compliant with the opendefinition? thought this will also include
stringent copyrights and mandatory real open access policy. sadly it
seems not so...

cheers, stefan
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