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These may help:

Guidelines on Data Management in Horizon 2020

Guidelines on Open Access to Scientific Publications and Research Data in Horizon 2020

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To respond to the conversation about the H2020 OA guidelines, OpenAIRE has been supporting the FP7 OA mandate for some years now,  and while we have had some say in suggesting that all content should be as openly licensed as possible, there are some reservations as to mandating this from the EC perspective (mainly political, since there is a lot of aligning to do in national policies). We realize more can be done on this front and we continue to push for such open licenses, certainly at the point of origin (e.g. providing advice to researchers, repository managers, research admins, publishers and others).
I'd like also to point readers on the list to a recently published legal study which is a very thorough examination of the legal rights in reusing research data  and is especially useful for open access infrastructures and providers to know to what extent they are allowed to gather, expose, and reuse  data. The resounding conclusion is for a community-wide push for a CC 4.0 licensing framework. The EC have supported this study, which will certainly have some impact on the future licensing decisions they take.  We strongly believe that this study can be a useful awareness tool as we collectively approach any decision makers. The links to the study and summaries can be found here: http://www.openaire.eu/en/component/content/article/9-news-events/515-safe-to-be-open-openaire-legal-study-has-been-published
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OKFN has good relations with EC staff, I am not sure whether we have formally communicated this issue to them. On "Open-Access" (Licences for Europe) we have been fighting a battle to be allowed to mine content without explictly requesting permissions (The right to read is the right to Mine). This was bitterly contested by publishers. The current position is that the proposed "licence" approach will not go forward (good) and that we shall need to find another way. I think any careful submissions on this will carry weight with the Commission.

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> That is a consequence of puting so many labels to the concept "open access"
> Currently we have green, golden, platinium... and in my opinion we have lost
> the real definition or the ultimate goal.
Quite so. What matter is basically just these user rights:

- redistribution
- modification
- sell it

It's really not that hard, but still too many people can mess it up.
The "sell it" is bascially the omission of NC clauses, which have an
unclear legal status. Is a private university that sells education
(high education fees) commercial or not?


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