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Interesting project. They don't mention costs of the "free" trial. I
imagine it's free to health professional not to Jisc and the NHS.

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*News release*1 May 2014
*Healthcare excellence gets boost from free research journal trial*

The opportunity for healthcare professionals to read cutting-edge research
has been given a boost today by an agreement between Jisc and scientific
journal publishers.

A year-long pilot will allow staff working across the NHS in England,
Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland free trial access to some of the most
respected medical and scientific journals so they can read for themselves
the latest trials and research. This is good news for evidence-based
healthcare and will give healthcare professionals the opportunity to weigh
up the latest developments in the study of disease.

A steering group comprising representatives from the UK academic sector,
Jisc, NHS Education for
Scotland<http://jisc.msgfocus.com/c/15p8DD4dbwXM6x9h2GRV>and the NHS
in England, Wales and Northern Ireland and the National
Institute for Health and Care E<http://jisc.msgfocus.com/c/15pbFbf12kVER5zjeyiA>
xcellence (NICE) is overseeing this pilot.

The publishers who have agreed to take part include:
Annual Reviews <http://jisc.msgfocus.com/c/15phIhACJWRqmcpnCh9U>,
IOP Publishing <http://jisc.msgfocus.com/c/15pnLnWeryNbRjfs001e>, Nature
Publishing Group <http://jisc.msgfocus.com/c/15ptOuhQ9aIXmq5wnISy>, Oxford
University Press <http://jisc.msgfocus.com/c/15pwQ2sDZYGQ6YvyzAjd>, Royal
Society of Chemistry <http://jisc.msgfocus.com/c/15pzRADrQMEIRwVALrJS> and
Springer <http://jisc.msgfocus.com/c/15pCT8OfHACBC5lCXjax>.

Lorraine Estelle, executive director content and discovery and divisional
CEO Jisc Collections said: “Jisc is committed to opening up
research<http://jisc.msgfocus.com/c/15pFUGZ3yoAumDLF9aBc>so that
academics and clinicians can read the latest studies and develop a
broader understanding of disease and treatment. This work is supported by
the government-commissioned Finch
report<http://jisc.msgfocus.com/c/15pIWf9Rpcyn7cbHl21R>into research
availability which recommended that more research journals be
available to healthcare professionals.”

Chair Dr Paul Ayris said on behalf of the steering group: “Practitioners in
the NHS will benefit from the content that is being made available in this
pilot, based on the recommendations of the Finch report. Access to high
quality information is key to good clinical practice and patients can only
benefit from the well-informed clinical community that will result from
this work.”

After the trial period of a year the steering group will determine how to
take forward future opportunities for NHS staff to access research
journals. NHS practitioners should contact their trust or Health Board
librarian for information on the trial.

*Notes to editors*

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email<press at jisc.ac.uk>or telephone: +44
(0) 203 697 5817.

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Working together across the higher education, further education and skills
sectors, Jisc provides trusted advice and support, reduces sector costs
across shared network, digital content, IT services and procurement
negotiations, ensuring the sector stays ahead of the game with research and
development for the future.

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