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This is an excellent opportunity for anyone who wants to develop and
promote their science writing skills...

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competition: promotion details
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The British Library, eLife and Europe PMC have just launched the Access to
Understanding 2015 science-writing competition*. *I would be most grateful
for your help in promoting the competition to potential entrants.

This is the third year of the competition where entrants are invited to
write a plain English summary of one of our pre-selected research articles
spanning basic through to clinical research. The competition seeks to
increase public understanding of science, and to encourage researchers to
consider public engagement and translation of complex cutting-edge
contemporary research as an integral part of the research process. In
essence, we want to raise awareness of the importance of bridging the gap
between open access and broader understanding of the fruits of research.

The competition is open to all current biomedical and life sciences PhD
students and post-doctoral researchers with a maximum of six years
experience following completion of their first PhD, worldwide. The winner
gets their entry published by eLife. For more information about the
competition, please do get in touch, or see the competition details at

*Below are three suggested ways you could help:*

·         Direct email promotion of the competition to your researcher

·         Promotion on your webpages, print or online newsletters

·         Social media promotion


·         jpg and pdf versions of the competition flyer are attached. I
also have some available in print, which I am happy to send to you on

·         The following headlines and text may be useful:


o   Writing competition open for entries – win an iPad and publication in

o   Enter the Access to Understanding science-writing competition –
deadline 9 December 2014


o   The Access to Understanding writing competition has been developed in
recognition of the importance of enabling access to, and understanding of,
scientific research. Find out more about entry criteria here [link to page:

o   The Access to Understanding writing competition aims to make scientific
knowledge truly accessible by encouraging early-career scientists to write
clear, concise and balanced summaries of research findings making them
understandable to non-specialists. First prize is an iPad and the entry to
be published in eLife. Find out more [link to page:

·         For inspiration about what to tweet have a look at these
accounts, which will also keep a look out for anything you may say about
the competition and aim to retweet it (Europe PMC Updates
<https://twitter.com/EuropePMC_news> and Science BL
<https://twitter.com/ScienceBL>), or else try some of these:

o   Enter our competition to explain scientific research findings in an
accessible way http://EuropePMC.org/ScienceWritingCompetition #A2UComp

o   Are you a scientist and interested in good science communication? Find
out more at http://EuropePMC.org/ScienceWritingCompetition #A2UComp

o   Does accessible always mean understandable? Share the excitement of
science http://EuropePMC.org/ScienceWritingCompetition #A2UComp

While it would be great to have as much publicity as possible around
competition launch, we’d also like to maintain the momentum until the
competition closes on 9 December, so don’t worry if you are unable to do
something immediately.

The awards ceremony for the competition will be held during the evening of
27 March 2015.

Competition opening this year also coincides with the launch of the Access
to Understanding web resource <http://www.access2understanding.org/> - a
collaboration led by the British Library promoting wider understanding of
biomedical research findings.

Thanks again for your support. Do please let me know if you would like
further information about the competition.

All best wishes,


*Dr Anna Kinsey*

Europe PMC Engagement Manager

The British Library, 96 Euston Road, London NW1 2DB

T: +44 (0)20 7412 7469 | M: +44 (0)78 2686 8926

E: anna.kinsey at bl.uk

*Europe PMC*

Web <http://europepmc.org/> | Twitter <https://twitter.com/EuropePMC_news>
| Blog <http://blog.europepmc.org/>

*Access to Understanding*

*- *promoting understanding of biomedical research

Web <http://www.access2understanding.org/>

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Unilever Centre, Dep. Of Chemistry
University of Cambridge
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