[open-science] Canada announces Open Science commitment

Florence Piron florence.piron at com.ulaval.ca
Thu Nov 6 14:56:51 UTC 2014

Considering this government's sad record in terms of information control 
(muzzlement of federal scientists), I really wonder what is the worth of 
this beautiful plan : the summum of political hypocrisy?

A Canadian citizen
Florence Piron
Le 2014-11-06 09:33, Richard Akerman a écrit :
> The Government of Canada has announced an Open Science commitment in its 2nd Open Government Action Plan.  The commitment includes open access to federally-funded scientific publications.
> Here is the full text (numbering mine):
> C. 1) Open Science
> Headline statement: "The Government of Canada will maximize access to federally funded scientific research to encourage greater collaboration and engagement with the scientific community, the private sector, and the public."
> The Government of Canada makes significant investments in scientific research. As a result, Canada has become a world leader in a number of important scientific research areas, and continues to support leading-edge research by some of the world's best scientific minds. Increasing public access to government-funded scientific research data and information has the potential to further drive innovation and discovery across the broader scientific community.
> On June 12, 2013, the Honourable Gary Goodyear, Minister of State for Science and Technology, signed the G8 Science Ministers Statement on behalf of the Government of Canada to promote policies that increase access to the results of publicly funded research to spur scientific discovery, enable better international collaboration and coordination of research, enhance the engagement of society and help support economic prosperity. Accordingly, the Government of Canada will establish a government-wide approach to open science to increase access to federally funded scientific publications and data.
> Deliverables to be completed in 2014-16:
> C.1.1 Develop and publish a government-wide Open Science Implementation Plan with specific activities and milestones, including the following:
>   C.1.1.1 Public consultations on the implementation of open science;
>   C.1.1.2 Launch of open access to publications and data resulting from federally funded scientific activities;
>   C.1.1.3 Development and adoption of policies, guidelines and tools to support effective stewardship of scientific data; and
>   C.1.1.4 Promotion of the adoption of open science standards in Canada.
> C.1.2 Establish an online service to enable a one-stop search for publications and data resulting from federal scientific activities.
> C.1.3 Develop inventories of federal scientific data and initiate the public release of data.
> C.1.4 Publish and maintain a consolidated online list of peer-reviewed articles by Government of Canada scientists dating back to 2012.
> Leads: Environment Canada, Industry Canada
> Grand Challenges: GC1, GC3
> from http://open.canada.ca/en/content/canadas-action-plan-open-government-2014-16#ch4-3
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