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Thanks Richard!

We should start gathering government policies as they come out - is anyone
already doing this as part of their research/personal interest? If so do
please send a link, otherwise maybe someone would be keen to curate a page
on the working group wiki to copy and paste as and when such policies are

There might be a backlog - I have no idea without looking around how many
governments have already announced formal policies in this area (and I'm
currently waiting to board a flight so will hold off searching for now!) .
I know Finland have been very active and the US has some policies related
to data and publication of federally funded research.


On Thu, Nov 6, 2014 at 2:33 PM, Richard Akerman <scilib at gmail.com> wrote:

> The Government of Canada has announced an Open Science commitment in its
> 2nd Open Government Action Plan.  The commitment includes open access to
> federally-funded scientific publications.
> Here is the full text (numbering mine):
> C. 1) Open Science
> Headline statement: "The Government of Canada will maximize access to
> federally funded scientific research to encourage greater collaboration and
> engagement with the scientific community, the private sector, and the
> public."
> The Government of Canada makes significant investments in scientific
> research. As a result, Canada has become a world leader in a number of
> important scientific research areas, and continues to support leading-edge
> research by some of the world's best scientific minds. Increasing public
> access to government-funded scientific research data and information has
> the potential to further drive innovation and discovery across the broader
> scientific community.
> On June 12, 2013, the Honourable Gary Goodyear, Minister of State for
> Science and Technology, signed the G8 Science Ministers Statement on behalf
> of the Government of Canada to promote policies that increase access to the
> results of publicly funded research to spur scientific discovery, enable
> better international collaboration and coordination of research, enhance
> the engagement of society and help support economic prosperity.
> Accordingly, the Government of Canada will establish a government-wide
> approach to open science to increase access to federally funded scientific
> publications and data.
> Deliverables to be completed in 2014-16:
> C.1.1 Develop and publish a government-wide Open Science Implementation
> Plan with specific activities and milestones, including the following:
>  C.1.1.1 Public consultations on the implementation of open science;
>  C.1.1.2 Launch of open access to publications and data resulting from
> federally funded scientific activities;
>  C.1.1.3 Development and adoption of policies, guidelines and tools to
> support effective stewardship of scientific data; and
>  C.1.1.4 Promotion of the adoption of open science standards in Canada.
> C.1.2 Establish an online service to enable a one-stop search for
> publications and data resulting from federal scientific activities.
> C.1.3 Develop inventories of federal scientific data and initiate the
> public release of data.
> C.1.4 Publish and maintain a consolidated online list of peer-reviewed
> articles by Government of Canada scientists dating back to 2012.
> Leads: Environment Canada, Industry Canada
> Grand Challenges: GC1, GC3
> from
> http://open.canada.ca/en/content/canadas-action-plan-open-government-2014-16#ch4-3
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