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>From my dealings with the Agriculture initiative people there, they've
already been trying to practice this, as they were very supportive and keen
to make sure the efforts of the rice 3,000 (3K) genome project (of which
they were the biggest funders) were quickly and openly released to the
global plant breeding community. Earlier this year we published a Data Note
(description) of the first data to come from the project (CC-BY 4.0 of

The 3,000 rice genomes project *GigaScience* 2014, 3:7

This coincided with the public release of 13.4TB of data (all CC0),
immediately quadrupling the amount of rice genome data in the public

The 3000 Rice Genomes Project (2014): The Rice 3000 Genomes Project Data.
GigaScience Database. http://dx.doi.org/10.5524/200001

See also:

It is an interesting irony that much of this has been made possible on the
proceeds of selling closed source software, but they sound genuinely driven
to make the outputs of their work and funds open to maximise its impact.

On 21 November 2014 05:23, Ross Mounce <ross.mounce at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi all,
> This is a vision of the near future.
> The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation have published their new Open Access /
> Open Data policy:
> http://www.gatesfoundation.org/How-We-Work/General-Information/Open-Access-Policy
> There's an (unnecessary) 2-year transition period in which
> publisher-imposed embargo periods will be tolerated. But after this, from
> January 1st, 2017:
> "Our Open Access policy contains the following elements:
>    1.
>    *Publications Are Discoverable and Accessible Online.*  Publications
>    will be deposited in a specified repository(s) with proper tagging of
>    metadata.
>    2.
>    *Publication Will Be On “Open Access” Terms.*  All publications shall
>    be published under theCreative Commons Attribution 4.0 Generic License
>    <http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/> (CC BY 4.0) or an
>    equivalent license. This will permit all users of the publication to copy
>    and redistribute the material in any medium or format and transform and
>    build upon the material, including for any purpose (including commercial)
>    without further permission or fees being required.
>    3.
>    *Foundation Will Pay Necessary Fees.*  The foundation would pay
>    reasonable fees required by a publisher to effect publication on these
>    terms.
>    4.
>    *Publications Will Be Accessible and Open Immediately.*  All
>    publications shall be available immediately upon their publication, without
>    any embargo period.   An embargo period is the period during which the
>    publisher will require a subscription or the payment of a fee to gain
>    access to the publication. We are, however, providing a transition period
>    of up to two years from the effective date of the policy (or until January
>    1, 2017).  During the transition period, the foundation will allow
>    publications in journals that provide up to a 12-month embargo period.
>    5.
>    *Data Underlying Published Research Results Will Be Accessible and
>    Open Immediately.*  The foundation will require that data underlying
>    the published research results be immediately accessible and open.  This
>    too is subject to the transition period and a 12-month embargo may be
>    applied."
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