[open-science] Reviewer's Oath for Open Science

Jenny Molloy jenny.molloy at okfn.org
Fri Oct 17 09:41:48 UTC 2014

Hi All

I attended a workshop recently at The Genome Analysis Centre (TGAC,
Norwich, UK) on open science and reproducibility [1]. One of the outputs
was a paper extending Mick Watson's reveiwer's oath [2] to encompass more
detail around reproducibility and open peer review.

The paper is now up as a preprint [3]. Comments are very much welcome, it
is planned for publication in F1000 Research during OA week and we hope to
get some good feedback by then so any modifications can be made before it
is formally published.


[2] http://biomickwatson.wordpress.com/2013/02/11/the-reviewers-oath/
[3] https://zenodo.org/record/12273
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