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On Fri, May 2, 2014 at 9:01 AM, Michelle Brook <michelle.brook at okfn.org>wrote:

> And to reiterate Tom's point - I'm really keen to see as much of this data
> captured in one place as possible (across countries, across publishers). It
> would be great if someone on this list could commit to running with this! I
> also agree with Tom that this data should be made openly available on
> figshare/other open data publisher when thats done.
> Toolwise - might it be sensible to boot up a googledoc or wiki page to
> start capturing the data?

Dunno what "commit to running with this" means, but fwiw, I have created a
copy of Stuart's spreadsheet on the CC Google Drive and opened up access to
everyone. If Stuart has objections to this, I can close it off, but I will
assume that by making a copy, we are no longer impinging on Stuart's
employment obligations and restrictions. Of course, all credit to Stuart
for giving us a running start.


Please start adding to the above document. It will remain in existence at
least as long as CC remains in existence. I will add (well, in fact, any
one of us can add) other visualizations to it. For example, geographic,
publisher and combo distributions.

Puneet Kishor
Manager, Science and Data Policy
Creative Commons
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