[open-science] Bringing researchers and developers together: a call for projects

Kaitlin Thaney kaitlin at mozillafoundation.org
Mon Jun 9 09:50:53 UTC 2014

Hi all, 

In looking for ways to better bridge the scientific and technical community (as well as provide a way for those within each community to get involved), we'll launching a pilot with Bill Mills (TRIUMF) and Angelina Fabbro (Mozilla) around their project "Interdisciplinary Programming". For the initial pilot, we're looking for a handful of interesting projects that we could break tasks down into digestible chunks for those within (or outside) of the project to help with - be it a short technical task or longer term engagement. 

We're looking for projects with interesting research challenges that could be used for our trial run that could use some help from the wider community without getting too bogged down in the domain specific nuance. Any projects within research or even on open tools to help researchers come to mind? We want to see if there are ways to further bridge the research and technical community, as well as provide more ways others can get involved in furthering science on the web - from bootcamp participants to the Mozilla contributor network. 

You can read more in the post below, and we'll be hearing from Bill and Angelina this Thursday on our Science Lab community call: 



Do let us know if you have any ideas, and help us spread the word. 

Kaitlin Thaney
Director, Mozilla Science Lab
@kaythaney ; @MozillaScience
skype / IRC: kaythaney

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