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Peter Kraker pkraker at know-center.at
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Thanks Jenny, great post! Here is another Open Science session from the festival:

Open Data and the Panton Principles for the Humanities. How do we go about that?

Sched entry: http://sched.co/1oRW5kv
Etherpad: https://pad.okfn.org/p/Panton_Principles_for_the_Humanities
Slides: http://slideshare.net/pkraker/opendata-humanities

Organized by Iain Emsley (Open Humanities Open Knowledge Working Group), facilitated by Peter Kraker (Know-Center/OKF Panton Fellow)

The goal of this session is to devise a set of clear principles which describe what we mean by Open Data in the humanities, what these should contain and how to the use them.

Peter kicked off with a presentation to get everyone up to speed (see slideshare.net/pkraker/opendata-humanities). We first went go through definitions for open science and open data. Then, we looked at the Panton Principles for Open Data in Science (see http://pantonprinciples.org) and a proposed adaptation for the humanities (see http://austgate.co.uk/2013/10/repost-of-principles-for-open-humanities-and-literature/).

Afterwards, we had an animated discussion on the issues of open data in the humanities (the discussion is summed up nicely in the Etherpad: https://pad.okfn.org/p/Panton_Principles_for_the_Humanities). This exchange gave us a number of problems with open data in the humanities (see http://i.imgur.com/GucCJaJ.jpg) to work with. Then, the participants got together into groups of 3 or 4 to come up with solutions to these problems. Finally, each group presented their solutions (see http://i.imgur.com/QuA62rA.jpg).



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Many thanks to Jenny.

After all the fun of OKFest it takes determination to write it all up afterwards!

On Sat, Aug 2, 2014 at 11:26 AM, Jenny Molloy <jcmcoppice12 at gmail.com<mailto:jcmcoppice12 at gmail.com>> wrote:

You can access all the etherpads, presentations, tweets etc from the open science sessions at OKFest on this round-up page at the working group website:


Session organisers and attendees, if you have photos, presentations, blog posts or more to link please get in touch.

Likewise, if you'd like to volunteer to summarise the outcome of a session that doesn't currently have a write up I;d be really grateful! This material will also be transferred to the working group wiki - if anyone has wiki expertise and a bit of time to assist with this that would be amazing.

Thanks all :)


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