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Jack Park jackpark at gmail.com
Wed Oct 1 23:55:53 UTC 2014

I stand ready to assist in any way I can.
I'll offer a site there to visit:

It is a graph I created (among many) which was originally to curate some
email conversations I was having about *this very topic*.

It plays to some thoughts I have about "spaces" for augmenting intellect.
The "human intellect augmentation" program got its start back in the late
'50s when our defense department's ARPA (now DARPA) started funding
artificial intelligence, and a fellow there decided we couldn't wait for AI
to ramp up, so, he, Joseph Lickleider, funded Douglas Engelbart, then at
Stanford Research Institute, now SRI International, to start the project.
Engelbart published a paper in '62 which correctly predicted the internet
and office products, and then *demonstrated* that capability in 1968
(google "the mother of all demos" and watch the video: keyboard, video
monitor, mouse, and chording keyboard, interactively editing a document
with someone else, long before anyone thought about the internet).

So, my stawperson is offered on a basis of very long-term research into
just how we can improve our ability to solve complex urgent problems, not
to mention improving our abilities to improve public Health and, for that
matter, conduct scientific research.

FWIW, some of my thoughts are in this paper (I'm sure I mentioned this
before, but just in case):

I can arrange to do a hangout with whomever would like to begin.

Basically, you start by creating an account using your email. Then, there
is a button called New Graph. Click that and give it a name and a
description. You're done!
Now, you can actually invite people in; as owner, you have access to
controls which allow you to invite people in, but if you leave the graph
public, anyone can join, so just advertise the URL of your graph.

The way I created that "shortcut" above is that you have a control menu
called Share where you can give your graph a name, then publish that.

If you really want the simplest entry, we can just create a new node at the
top level of my graph, say PlanetOpenScience, and then you can hang all
your thoughts there. Doing that means you can start cross linking in other
nodes already in the graph (and elsewhere in DebateGraph for that matter).

Please understand this:
DebateGraph is, at once, a Wiki, can support blog-like posts, and it is a
conversation tool, complete with node types for asking questions, answering
them, and debating points made. But, it also lets you wire up your nodes
with coherence relations such that you are building a rather complex web of
thoughts and relations, all at the same time.

A favorite way to use it is during hangouts with friends where we are
putting nodes in while talking about them.

It's your call.
I'm happy to help.

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> I this DebateGraph idea.  It's more dynamic than just outlining.  Let's
> give a shot.
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