[open-science] Eye on Earth Summit - Data Innovation Challenges

Lena Delchad lena.delchad at secondmuse.com
Mon Aug 10 03:46:08 UTC 2015

Hello all,

Together with the Eye On Earth <http://www.eoesummit.org/> Alliance and UNEP
we are encouraging collaboration around environmental data to support
sustainable development in the lead up to the October EoE Summit in Abu

We invite Citizen Scientists to apply to the Data Innovation Showcase
<http://www.eoesummit.org/challenges/data-innovation/> for a chance to win
a trip to Abu Dhabi and meet with some of the foremost minds in this field!

Citizen Science Challenge
<http://www.eoesummit.org/challenges/data-innovation/>.  Submit a project
that uses data to address biodiversity challenges in response to 3 themes:
Food Waste, Forest Degradation and Resilient Cities. Finalists will attend
the Summit in Abu Dhabi October 6 - 8.

Data Visualization Challenge
<http://www.eoesummit.org/challenges/data-innovation/>.  Submit a data
visualization that interprets the social and economic effects of poor air
quality, oceanic warming and natural disasters. One finalist will be
selected to present their visualization at the Summit.

Share the message.  Spread the word about the Data Innovation Showcase with
your network. #DataRevolution #EOESUMMIT15

Kind regards,


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