[open-science] Crowd-sourcing list of learned societies and professional organisations in UK

Michelle Brook michelle at michellebrook.org
Tue Feb 24 17:49:43 UTC 2015

Hey all,

For Open Data Day, I started pulling together a list of UK based
professional organisations and learned societies in the UK with a view to
releasing this as open data when I've something vaguely organised and
tidied up.

There are number of motivations behind this. Firstly, no such list exists -
and I wanted to update Wikipedia and the like, secondly I want to make it
easier for individuals to find such societies. At present, professional
organisations with professional staff are much better at engaging with
academics and I hope to re-dress this balance slightly.

And when I have a half way sensible list, I will start exploring which of
the societies and professional organisations are involved in academic
publishing, as part of an ongoing interest in understanding the publishing
landscape better. However, to explore that, I needed


If anyone has any time, and fancies helping me add some postcodes or
websites to this google spreadsheet - please do! I'll get it tidied up as
best I can this week to release with an open license towards the end of
this month!

Thanks a lot!


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