[open-science] Why do you use MediaWiki?

Andrés Delgado andres at delgado.ec
Tue Jan 20 20:17:08 UTC 2015


Mediawiki is great when (1) you learn how to admin it first and (2)
there is a bunch of users on your site. If you think some project will
scale just because it is in a wiki, you are probably wrong. I have
managed 2 project (one collaborative research for public policy and one
law proposal) on mediawiki and I am not sure it was the best decision.
Spam is a big problem and it could even create problems with your
provider if it gets too big.

Can we have some details on what you are planning?

On 20/01/15 07:56, Ivan Ferrero wrote:
> Hi all!
> I'm planning a collaborative open website and I'm confused about which
> platform to use.
> I think a Wiki would be the best option.
> I always hear about the MediaWiki platform: why?
> There are many other Wiki platforms with more features and more
> friendly, i.e.: TikiWiki.
> AFAK MediaWiki is very little mobile friendly, no Social Networks
> connections, and very little aesthetics.
> At the opposite softwares like TikiWiki (just to name the one
> I analyzed the most: no ads here!) come with features like blog,
> forum, points and stars to reward the members, etc...
> So why I always read about MediaWiki?
> Best regards,
> Ivan
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