[open-science] Wikipedia-like for tabular data

Piotr Migdal pmigdal at gmail.com
Wed Nov 4 10:32:57 UTC 2015


Is there a (functioning) Wikipedia-like page for structured data?
(I am sure this question went many times here, but I must have missed it.)

By "like Wikipedia" I mean that it is a collaborative editing source (as opposed to a place where one can upload - of course I know that there are many open datasets!). So one can, say, change a single entry, or a column, and document it with revision message.
By  "structured" I mean that it is a table, or JSON, with a schema, with all important informations in dates/numbers/texts, as opposed to styles and graphical indicators. And are consistent enough, so it different sources can be joined automatically.

Why I am asking?
From time I need to get some data from tables in Wikipedia. But schemas are not always consistent, and a lot of data needs to be joined manually anyway. 
Right now I am doing something with Polish politics (flow chart of people and parties in the last 24 years), and while I see that data is reasonably consistent, still a lot of manual effort is needed _and_ it is not as easy to correct things on Wikipedia (e.g. copy&paste a column from an official datasource).

Piotr Migdał

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