[open-science] Advice for starting an open community lab/biomakespace?

William Waites ww at eris.okfn.org
Mon Nov 30 16:42:05 UTC 2015

On Mon, 30 Nov 2015 22:03:17 +0530, "Mr. Puneet Kishor" <punk.kish at gmail.com> said:

    > There is no code-of-ethics... focus on the user. Eliminate as many
    > hurdles as possible, be they legal, money, regulatory, etc.

Sure, making stuff accessible as possible... But not sure eliminating
ethics is a good idea. Hackers (in the traditional sense, not the
sponsored "maker" sense) have always had a very well developed sense
of ethics. Taking that spirit to biology is very important, otherwise
it's just a big-pharma farm team.


(now hacking on synthetic biology, apparently)

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