[open-science] Advice for starting an open community lab/biomakespace?

Lieke Ploeger lieke.ploeger at okfn.org
Mon Nov 30 10:13:34 UTC 2015

Hi Jenny,

That sounds like a great opportunity, exciting! Last summer I've set up
Spektrum, an art/science/community space in Berlin, see
What we have decided to do to be able to run the space financially is to
have a bar inside of it, which gives us the financial freedom to run all
kinds of communities, events and exhibitions. We are now in the process of
starting up a small makerspace in one of the back rooms, and are thinking
of running a crowdfunding campaign for it, since we are starting to have
quite a large active community around the space now.
We're probably a bit different than your space, so because of the bar and
the licenses involved it was easiest for us to set up a company, and we
don't have members, but perhaps there are useful things we can help you
Happy to chat further if you want!

Best, Lieke

On 30 November 2015 at 08:19, Jenny Molloy <jenny.molloy at okfn.org> wrote:

> Dear All
> I have an exciting opportunity to start a community biology lab here in
> Cambridge (UK), which would be fantastic for several local projects we've
> got going around open technologies (which I should definitely share in more
> detail soon!).
> Has anyone set up a biohackspace/makespace/community lab and could you
> send me any examples of governance documents, figures for number of
> members, information on how you keep such a space sustainable financially
> and anything else you have that could feed into our deliberations on how to
> run the space?
> I've found one site from GenSpace which is really useful
> http://openlab-blueprint.org/ but it'd be good to see if their solutions
> have worked elsewhere.
> Things are moving quite quickly so apologies for the rushed email! I'd be
> delighted to talk to anyone who can offer advice so while publicly posted
> documents would be best and most helpful for others, if it's more
> convenient to chat then just get in touch!
> Jenny
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