[open-science] Advice for starting an open community lab/biomakespace?

William Waites ww at eris.okfn.org
Mon Nov 30 17:19:26 UTC 2015

On Mon, 30 Nov 2015 22:18:18 +0530, "Mr. Puneet Kishor" <punk.kish at gmail.com> said:

    > You are absolutely right, which is why I started that subsequent

Sorry, perhaps read too quickly...

    > Part of that “doing things the right way” is to develop a
    > code-of-ethics, best-practices, conflict resolution, etc.

That sounds like an OKFNish thing to do. I'd particularly be
interested in working on that because the science seems really muddy
at this point, at least in the sub-field that I'm exposed to and
strongly driven by Intellectual Theft [1].


[1] in the sense of "property is theft"

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