[open-science] Mapping the Societal Impact of Open Access

ElHassan ElSabry elhassan at aucegypt.edu
Sat Feb 4 08:52:06 UTC 2017

Dear Everyone,

I am writing in call for support for my project aiming to identify and
measure the different kinds of impact open access to research has on the
wider society (beyond the research community).
The proposal I prepared (published here
<https://doi.org/10.3897/rio.3.e11743>by the RIO Journal) builds on my
dissertation work. If interested, you can check the bibliography of studies
that have sought to measure this societal impact before (kindly hosted
<https://whoneedsaccess.org/bibliography/>by Mike Taylor on his
WhoNeedsAccess.org). There is also the presentation
<http://dx.doi.org/10.7557/5.3867>at the Munin Conference last year of my
study trying to measure the impact OA has on small pharmaceutical firms.
The session notes of my unconference session (co-organized with Juan-Pablo
Alperin) during OpenCon 2016 can be found here

The main idea is to create platform that involves an impact map, an
organized collection of the available evidence base and a forum to design
and discuss potential research projects that can add to the evidence base.
The impact map should be specially interesting given that OA still does not
have its own despite the very successful Open Data Impact Map
<http://opendataimpactmap.org/> and OER Impact Map <http://oermap.org/>.
There is initial interest (communicated by Dr. Leslie Chan, no confirmation
yet) to overlay the contribution of this project on the Open Access Map
<http://openaccessmap.org/> which has so far included "traditional" OA
success measures.

I am interested to know if anyone would like to collaborate on this project
and I would also be happy if you can point out any organizations that can
potentially adopt or fund this project. I believe the existence of such a
resource can substantially benefit OA advocacy efforts by presenting open
access as a *social need* as opposed to one only relevant to professional

Looking forward to your suggestions and comments. I can use a lot of help
given my limited experience preparing such proposals.


p.s. please excuse cross posting

ElHassan ElSabry <http://0000-0001-6135-0280>, *M.Sc.*

Doctoral Candidate
Science, Technology & Innovation Policy Program
National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies (Japan)

Content Development Specialist
Directory of Free Arab Journals (DFAJ) <http://dfaj.net/>
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