[open-science] The Center for Open Science Releases Another Branded Preprint Service With AgriXiv

Heather Piwowar heather at impactstory.org
Fri Feb 17 18:51:00 UTC 2017

Are the preprints available via ResourceSync or OAI-PMH?  I couldn't find
any documentation on that.


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On Fri, Feb 17, 2017 at 6:59 AM, Rusty Speidel <rusty at cos.io> wrote:

> February 14, 2017 | Charlottesville, VA
> The Center for Open Science (COS) is pleased to announce that it has added
> another branded service to its open source preprints service, OSF
> Preprints <https://osf.io/preprints>. The new service, called AgriXiv
> <https://osf.io/preprints/agrixiv>,  provides free, open access, open
> source archives for agriculture and allied science research.
> AgriXiv is built on COS’s flagship platform, the Open Science Framework
> <https://osf.io>, which helps researchers design and manage their project
> workflow, data storage, DOIs, and collaboration. COS has leveraged that
> platform to help those researchers discover new research as it happens and
> to receive quick feedback on their own research prior to publication.
> The branded preprints platform from COS provides organizations that want
> to launch their own preprints service an easy, robust, and stable solution.
> The platform can be configured to match their brand, editorial focus,
> licensing requirements, and taxonomy. Once configured, a new service can be
> up and indexing new preprints in a matter of days. COS has already created
> branded services in psychology <https://osf.io/preprints/psyrxiv>,
> sociology <https://osf.io/preprints/socarxiv>, and engineering
> <https://osf.io/preprints/engrxiv>.
> Almost 2 million preprints have been already indexed from a variety of
> sources and can be accessed by selecting a subject of interest, entering
> specific search terms, or browsing the preprints most recently added to the
> service. Preprint contributors are also encouraged to include links to
> their research, if available. If the preprint is associated with an
> existing OSF project, that project can also be easily accessed and
> explored. OSF Preprints uses SHARE <http://www.share-research.org/> to
> aggregate search results from a variety of other preprint providers like
> arXiv <http://arxiv.org>, bioRXiv <http://biorxiv.org>, PeerJ
> <http://peerj.com>, CogPrints <http://cogprints.org/> and others into its
> archive.
> "We are following the global initiative to open up data, information and
> knowledge related to agriculture,” said Sridhar Gutam of AgriXiv. “This
> exclusive preprints repository for agriculture, promoted by the Open Access
> India (http://openaccessindia.org/) community, will accelerate the
> progress of agricultural research through rapid sharing of the interim
> research results among agricultural scientists."
> “Science and research across many disciplines are evolving towards
> improved reliability and reproducibility of results,” said Brian Nosek,
> COS’s Executive Director. “OSF Preprints sets the tone for a more open
> approach to data access, preregistration of research, and quick feedback on
> completed work. In short, OSF Preprints can help improve science,
> increase communication, and hopefully improve the speed and quality of
> outcomes. The interest on the part of our new partners to launch their own
> open preprints services only confirms this trend.”
> ###
> About Center for Open Science
> The Center for Open Science <http://cos.io/> (COS) is a non-profit
> technology startup founded in 2013 with a mission to increase openness,
> integrity, and reproducibility of scientific research. COS pursues this
> mission by building communities around open science practices, supporting
> metascience research, and developing and maintaining free, open source
> software tools. The Open Science Framework <http://osf.io/> (OSF), COS’s
> flagship product, is a web application that connects and supports the
> research workflow, enabling scientists to increase the efficiency and
> effectiveness of their research. Researchers use the OSF to collaborate,
> document, archive, share, and register research projects, materials, and
> data. Learn more at cos.io and osf.io.
> About AgriXiv
> Agriculture under the changing climate scenario is facing many challenges
> and needs utmost attention and support for the development of adaptive,
> resilient and sustainable livelihoods. Research outputs generated in
> addressing these challenges faced by agriculture need to be immediately
> available to all the stakeholders for understanding and finding suitable
> solutions. Therefore, the Open Access India <http://openaccessindia.org/>
> had taken up the initiative of establishing a preprints repository for
> agriculture and allied sciences as part of fulfilling its objective of
> “development of community e-infrastructure, capacity building and framework
> for policies related to Open Access, Open Data and Open Education”. This
> preprints service will be administered by the steering committee comprising
> agricultural researchers and librarians from various parts of the world.
> Contacts for the Center for Open Science
> Media: Rusty Speidel: rusty at cos.io | 434-284-3403 <(434)%20284-3403>
> Starting a Branded Preprint Service: Matt Spitzer: matt.spitzer at cos.io
> Web: https://cos.io/preprints
> Contact for AgriXiv
> Sridhar Gutam: sridhar at openaccessindia.org | +91-9005760036
> <+91%2090057%2060036>
> Web: http://agrixiv.org/ | https://osf.io/preprints/agrixiv
> Rusty Speidel
> Marketing Director
> Center for Open Science
> https://cos.io | @osframework
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