[open-science] Going open access - conference proceedings (Ingo Keck)

Lyubomir Penev penev at pensoft.net
Sat Nov 25 08:08:24 UTC 2017

Pensoft's ARPHA Publishing Platform <arphahub.com> has launched a 
conference proceedings module 
<http://arphahub.com/about/services#Proceedings_module> among its many 
services <http://arphahub.com/about/services> offered to organisations 
and publishers. A publication of conference proceedings may happen under 
own (white label also possible) publishing platform (example 
<https://biss.pensoft.net/>), or as a collection of conference outputs 
(abstracts enhanced with data, multimedia, illustrations citations, 
posters, presentations and/or full-text papers) within a general 
proceedings journal.

Video recordings of the talks and presentations can be uploaded on each 
abstract page (also retroactively, after the conference) (example 

All conference outputs (including abstracts) are published in both 
human-readable (semantic HTML, PDF) and machine-readable (JATS XML) 
formats (naturally with DOIs), indexed and archived in several places. 
Individual images and data files are published under own DOIs as well 
and submitted and archived in Zenodo.

There is quite more to tell about it. Happy to discuss a collaboration 
with anyone interested.
Lyubomir Penev

On 11/24/2017 7:47 PM, Brian Borchers wrote:
> One respected publisher of open conference proceedings that you might 
> consider is Dagstuhl Publishing. They publish the proceedings volumes 
> for their own series of conferences and work with other conferences to 
> publish open conference proceedings online.
> Springer is willing to make conference proceedings open, but the per 
> article charge is in the thousands of dollars, so this may not be 
> practical.
> For a conference that I was the program chair for, we considered 
> Springer, Dagstuhl, and our own professional society.  Springer with 
> open access was too expensive for our budget, Dagstuhl looked good, 
> but In the end, we were able to negotiate a reasonably priced deal 
> with our own professional society.
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>     > I've been asked to help organise a small engineering conference next
>     > September.
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