[open-science] Facebook shuts the gate after the horse has bolted, and hurts real research in the process

Benedikt Fecher fecher at hiig.de
Wed Apr 25 11:18:10 UTC 2018

Below is a call for signatures from computational social sciences /
Internet Researchers regarding the Facebook-API for research purposes. I
thought it might also be of relevance for this community; at least as a
point of discussion / interesting case for openness in terms of access to
company data (in particular from platforms).

Background: In reaction to the Cambridge Analytica controversy, Facebook
has recently announced a substantial tightening of access restrictions to
the Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) of Facebook, Instagram, and
other platforms it owns. Other platform providers are likely to follow
suit. The APIs are the means through which third parties access data on
these platforms, such as when banking, for retail. Even dating apps like
Tinder access Facebook data to verify the identity of their users.

Here is the call:

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