[open-science] Register now! RDA EU Innovation Forum, 30 January 2017, Brussels - RDA, research data and the Data Economy building blocks

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*Apologies for cross-posting*

European researchers, data service and infrastructure providers and 
private sector representatives are invited to join the discussion on the 
role of research data in the Data Economy context and the RDA 
contribution to the different Data Economy building blocks at the 
upcoming *RDA EU Data Innovation Forum 
<https://rd-alliance.org/rdaeu-data-innov-forum-2018>*, 30 January 2018, 
Brussels. https://rd-alliance.org/rdaeu-data-innov-forum-2018.

The goal of the event is to collect and converge the different 
perspectives and push forward new innovative ideas in the overall 
context of the challenges and opportunities of the European Data Economy 
and data-driven innovation in Europe mapped to ongoing activities or 
future challenges to be addressed by RDA WGs & IGs.

The event is structured on around 3 core sessions:

  * *Finding a common ground: Industry, research data and the EU Data
    Economy* - Discussing challenges for research and industry data in
    the context of the European Data Economy, common ground and points
    of convergence
  * *Facilitating data management, sharing & re-use – RDA Technical &
    social bridges/solutions* - The session will be dedicated to
    presenting RDA cross-sector research and Industry solutions,
    implementation and use cases, lessons learned.
  * *Opportunities to shape future data research - blockchain, what is
    it for and its limitation* - Panel to discuss a selection of topics
    where research and industry meet and how these can be incorporated
    in the current or future agenda of the RDA and the RDA groups

<https://rd-alliance.org/registration-rdaeu-data-innov-forum-2018> - it 
is free of charge and open to all: 

We will be joined by industry representatives as well as RDA community 

  * *Paolo Budroni*, Vienna University of Technology:  Data Management
    Policies for SMEs
  * *Anna Garcia Robles*, Secretary General of Big Data Value
    Association (BDVA): Data Management at large scale
  * *Irina Kupiainen*, CSC - IT Center for Science, RDA EU Statement on
    the EU Data Economy
  * *Peter McQuilton*, Biosharing.org / University of Oxford:
    FAIRsharing registry
  * *Edwin Morley Fletcher*, Lynkeus: Applying blockchain in Health sector
  * *Stefano Nativi*, CNR-IIA & JRC - Brokering governance
  * *Monique Morrow*: Strategy for blockchain in data-driven applications
  * *Andreas Rauber*, Vienna University of Technology: Data Citation
  * *Raphael Ritz*, Max Planck Society: Data Foundation & Terminology
  * *Visa Vallivaara*, VTT: Blockchain technologies
  * *Peter Wittenburg*, Max Planck Society: Short Introduction of
    blockchain and its possible role in IoT data trading

Venue_: The Hotel Brussels, Boulevard de Waterloo 38, 1000

Hope to see you there!
Please don't hesitate to let us know if you require information 
regarding the agenda or event participation.

Kind regards,

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