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Tue Feb 5 20:07:06 UTC 2019

Dear list members,

For those who haven't got completely befuddled by the discussions around
Plan S yet. The Free Journal Network (plus me) have just submitted formal
feedback to the implementation guidelines for Plan S. Hopefully, it
provides a bit more of a provocative view on many elements of the present
publishing ecosystem, and can encourage even more debate. We do, of course,
welcome any feedback on anything discussed.

Tl;dr: We argue that Coalition members should favour, both in words and via
their spending decisions, community-controlled, no-author-fee journals over
commercially owned journals charging APCs. This is for reasons of fairness,
economic efficiency, and sustainability. We see Plan S as a strong
statement and step in the right direction, but encourage Coalition members
to be more forward-thinking about how they want the future scholarly
publishing market to look, and make sure that they are giving due
consideration to the non-commercial elements of the ecosystem.

Also included are some comments from the FJN members, as well as more than
100 annotations left on the guidelines via Hypothes.is.



p.s. Apologies for cross-posting

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