[open-science] Announcing the open source release of scholarly publishing platform, sci.pe

Tiffany Bogich tiffany at sci.pe
Fri Jul 12 19:36:19 UTC 2019

We are excited to announce the open-source release of our scholarly
publishing platform sci.pe.

Our aim with sci.pe is to build the best all-inclusive solution allowing
customization and configuration through user interface (or API). We call
this approach configuration over code, and we believe it is a potentially
more efficient and cost effective way to build journals than the
traditional fork-and-code model.

To give some examples, sci.pe lets journals configure any editorial
workflow or peer review model (from pre-print services to triple-blind peer
review) by composing building blocks rather than being limited to a few,
hard-coded options (see https://sci.pe/get-started/workflows).  Another
feature of sci.pe is to take care of all the third-party service
integrations common to scholarly publishing (DOI registration, APC
collection etc.) and expose them to the user with a simple user interface.

Our ultimate goal is to empower journals to experiment with more editorial
models without having to rely on expensive software development.

To that end, we are striving to provide a good user experience with
formless submissions, review annotations, and articles optimized for the
web while being respectful of established standards (HTML / RDFa / JSON-LD

To view the full announcement, visit:
https://research.sci.pe/ballesteros2019b. sci.pe source code can be found
on Github: https://github.com/science-periodicals and sci.pe vision at

We are trying a dual license approach so that not-for-profit, open access
journals can benefit from the platform free of charge while still allowing
sci.pe to continue development with the support of our cloud offering and
commercial license options.

I hope this is of interest and if you would like more information feel free
to contact us (contact at sci.pe) or follow us on github (science-periodicals
<https://github.com/science-periodicals>) or twitter (@scipeTweets

Tiffany Bogich, PhD
Co-founder, sci.pe (science periodicals)
7 World Trade Center, 46th Floor
New York, New York 10007

mobile: +1 917 882 5422
email: tiffany at sci.pe
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