[open-science] OKFN Open Science Mailing List will close on 31 Jan 2020 - where to next?

Jenny Molloy jcmcoppice12 at gmail.com
Sun Nov 17 16:39:19 UTC 2019

Dear All

Open Knowledge Foundation will be closing down their mailman lists by
January 31st, 2020 (I copy below the reasons for the decision for those who
are interested, I was emailed along with a couple of others because we're
"list owners" on mailman). Instead they will focus on offering a Discourse
forum (https://discuss.okfn.org) which already has an open science
category: https://discuss.okfn.org/c/working-groups/open-science

There are two things for members of this list to think about:
1 - where are the important conversations on open science happening now?
What new lists should we join as this one closes and are there gaps that
need to be filled?
2 - where to preserve the list archives? Open Knowledge Foundation do not
plan to do so publicly and there is value (I think) in preserving
conversations dating back 12 years to a time when open science was at a
completely different level of development. If anyone has ideas or could
help with archiving that would be great - I have asked for a copy to be
kept but I don't know in what form it will arrive!

As a very early member of this list I think it played an important role in
developing an open science community that has spun into many active and
exciting communities around the world. Moving on is not a bad thing and
there are so many more communication channels to connect on open science
topics than back in 2008 - I'd love to hear your recommendations!


The decision has come about for three reasons:

   1. Managing the mailing lists and keeping the infrastructure up to date
   represents an effort in terms of resources and administration time that
   Open Knowledge Foundation is unable to meet going forward.
   2. GDPR: EU legislation now requires us to have an active and current
   knowledge of the data held on our websites, as well as the consent of the
   subscribers regarding the use of their personal data, to ensure GDPR
   compliance. Unfortunately, Mailman mailing lists don’t comply with this
   Directive, which means we can’t use this tool any more.
   3. We are currently implementing a new strategy within Open Knowledge
   Foundation which will focus the organisation on several key themes, namely
   Education, Health and Work. We want to keep fostering conversations but let
   groups choose what the best platform is for that.
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